Client Testimonials

“You have such a warm, calming personality and can make anyone feel comfortable around you. Not everyone can take complicated material and make it seem simple, but you can.” — Leanne Gibbs, TIPQC member

“Rarely does a person possess looks, brains, personable ‘people skills,’ musical talent, presentations skills, artistic skills, and you have all of these things … You are a gift to the world.” — Alan Prest, former student and co-instructor

“You have played an enormous role in my career and life … I can vividly remember sitting in learning sessions with you … and taking copious notes because you filled in the gaps between Dr. Deming’s insight and your ability to facilitate a group to a place where everyone left with a new perspective. When I’m in front of a group, the skills you modeled for me come alive … Hope and grace are powerful human behaviors; ones that you have in abundance.” — Theron Post, MBA, CQM/OE, APEX Partnerships LLC

“Everything she touches she makes beautiful.” — Mechel Titi, Key Associates Employee

“Your exceptional abilities to manage a group and help them be efficient and productive have been critical to the Neobytes group and so many other groups over the years.” — Jeffrey Horbar, CEO, Vermont Oxford Network

“(Your book) captures what’s missing in many workplaces – meaningfulness, spontaneity, joy, fun, and appreciation. Celebrations are a way of revitalizing America’s workplaces.” — Barry Z. Posner, PhD, Author of Encouraging the Heart and many other leadership publications

“When she enters a room, it is though the sun has risen.” — Gil Meyer, PhD, Psychology Professor

“I feel I’ve had the benefit of an 18-month one-on-one fellowship with one of the Masters of this arcane art (Quality), and all of the people who came up after the Temperature Project to say, ‘Now I understand!’ owe M. K. Key a great debt they will probably never fully appreciate.” — Peter Grubb,MD, Medical Director, TIPQC

“I love the gracious way you facilitate.” — Margaret Behm, Atttorney & Board Member

“This was the best planning conference I have ever attended, and I’ve been to a lot of them. It was very well thought-out to bond, engage, and inspire us as a team of volunteers all serving the vision and mission of the YWCA.” — Rita Mitchell, Board Chair, YWCA

“You have been a tremendous resource to me as I try to meet the challenges of leading a continuing care retirement community with 385 employees and 900 residents. Your focus on process is so helpful. Too often we are quick to blame individuals rather than look for the root cause of their failure.” — Jay Shetler, President/CEO, Glencroft

“Your words inspire me. Your words remind me of my convictions. My convictions keep me strong.” — Jackie Poop, RN, BSN, CPHQ, Quality Manager, Fairview Northland Health Services

“Thank you for all your work to improve patient quality for babies in Tennessee. Your support and knowledge will continue daily in our care of our patients.” — Ellen Gregory, Baptist Hospital Nashville

“I have been profoundly touched by your articles – you speak with wisdom informed by experience. I suppose you do not know how much your words set in motion ripples of intention and mindfulness … can we ever know our own impact?” — Dee Cannon, PhD, RN, Scripps Health

“Your light shines on all who read your words and I want you to know how grateful I am for them. Your ability to spark a person’s spirit is a true gift.” — Kathy Mahaffey. COO, SIU Surgeons and Physicians

“You will never know how many people’s lives you have touched, how many spirits you have lifted, or how wierdly timely your message and wisdom is! Rest assured that me taking these few moments is representative of hundreds, even thousands, of people!” — Liz Price, RNBS, BS, MBA, Director of Women’s & Children’s Services, W. G. Watson Womens Center

“I truly enjoy your columnn and have for many years. You have shared many pearls of wisdom that I have been able to use in my practice. You have made such a wonderful contribution to the world of quality and safety and I commend your efforts.” — Stephanie S. Poe, MScN, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing, Johns Hopkins

“You are an inspiration … you have literally given knowledge freely to all of us.” — Sally G. Logan, R.Ph., Kaiser Permanente

“I have looked forward to and enjoyed every volume … I’m inspired by your words and know that you have influenced my opinions/beliefs surrounding quality, leadership, and the human spirit.” — Terese Tangye, RN, Employment Coordinator, Rockford Health System

“I feel as though these sometimes ‘simple’ and yet ‘fundamental’ lessons you provide are lost in our day to day lives.” — Susan B. Shearer, MS, MPH, PE. Health Dept, State of New York