Volume 118, May 2012: Coaching/Mentoring: Seeking Potential in Others

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“A mentor is a person who always saw more in yourself than you did and described it in words that you could grow into.” — Lou Tice (1993), Former High School Coach and Motivational Speaker

Lou Tice was a high school coach, who inadvertently contributed to the death of a young football player. From that point, he vowed to improve the lives of every person he touched. This included giving leadership seminars to audiences telling them about this mistake and what he had learned about coaching.

In life, everyone is a coach, not only as an expert in something, but as a facilitator of others’ growth:

  • A coach’s role is to assist people to grow and learn. Through increasing their options, people become more powerful.
  • Coaching means enabling – helping people grow and realize their potential – thinking creatively with them not for them.
  • The best assistance you can provide comes from helping people realize their answers for themselves, not giving them your answers and telling them what to do.
  • Creative tension helps people grow and learn. The coach/mentor can move people beyond their comfort zone to produce this growth, through language, goal-setting and vision.

Coaching language sounds like this:

  • “What results do you want?”
  • “What did you learn from the process?”
  • “In what ways can I support your success?”
  • “What would a successful future look like?”
  • “I have confidence that you can (you fill in the blank).”

To inspire is to breathe life into others’ aspirations. As Stephen Covey said, all things are created twice: first in the mind, then in reality.

Practice Point

How can you improve the life of every person you touch? Practice pointing to the strengths of people. If you see potential in others, why are you not developing it?


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