Volume 105, October 2010: Keyzine Changes Format!

Keyzine: An E-zine for Leaders about the People Side of Business

This is a monthly electronic magazine for anyone who wants to be a better leader, coach, facilitator, or simply, to tune up their people skills. It is a complimentary publication, devoted to the next evolution of Quality Thinking.

Publisher: © Key Associates, LLC, 2010 ISSN # 1545-8873

Customers have asked for:

  • More frequent issues
  • A briefer format
  • Actionable items (Leader behaviors put to practice)
  • New topics

Beginning shortly, weekly issues will concentrate on one leadership topic at a time, with Quotes, Best Reads, and Practice Points. Stay tuned to your e-mail for the arrival, page by page, of:

The Daily Practices of Leading Others.


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