Testimonials: The Daily Practices of Leading Others

These are some of the comments made about the book. Thanks to everyone for such kind and gracious words.

The Daily Practices of Leading Others is a beautiful book. From the striking cover image to the final word, it’s a pleasure to wander through its pages and stumble upon a thoughtful reflection or a provocative lesson. M. K. Key writes with heart. She touches the soul while also providing practical tips – she calls them practice points – on how to apply each key message to the daily art of leading. The Daily Practices of Leadings Others is a book you’ll want to consult often along your journey to making extraordinary things happen. Enjoy. — Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, authors of the bestselling books The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership

“M. K. has been preparing to write this book her entire life. It is who she is and how she practices her art. The book deftly interweaves theory, ideas for action and inspiration. It readies the hands, prepares the head, enlivens the heart and nourishes the soul.” — Terrence E. Deal, Professor and Founder, University of La Verne Leadership Institute and author of Leading with Soul and Corporate Culture

“M. K. Key has been a careful observer of human nature in organizations for decades. You are unlikely to ever meet a more thoughtful and reflective individual. Here, she shares her wonderful insights and deeply-rooted wisdom. Read it … pay careful attention … and benefit greatly from insight gathered carefully.” — Paul Plsek, author, speaker and consultant on innovation, change and complex systems

“I have just had the pleasure of reading The Daily Practices of Leading Others. What a joy to see in the daily language of life such seminal concepts of great leadership. What is especially thrilling for me is how such ideas about leadership are taken from the theoretical into the practical and translated in ways that make sense for every leader. The tools and techniques are a special gift to the leader and reflect the author’s capacity to make leadership ‘real’ for each of us struggling to embrace and help others engage the many challenges of change in a time of great transformation. This is a work of art and science and the convergence of the two around the personal journey of leadership has resulted in a worthwhile and meaningful text from which all of us invested in leadership can benefit and learn.” — Tim Porter O’Grady, DM, EdD, APRN, FAAN, FACCWS, author of The Quantum Leader: Applications for the New World of Work

“Your Leading Others book is a must-have, unique leadership book that covers over 100 topics leaders should learn and practice. Each one is written succinctly with practical suggestions for application along with excellent references. Clearly you’re sharing your career and life’s wisdom for others to use in their leadership roles.” — Lois Hart, Ed.D., author of many leadership books, including 50 Activities for Developing Leaders and Faultless Facilitation

“With The Daily Practices of Leading Others, M. K. Key makes brilliant leadership wisdom accessible for the rest of us. M. K. has found a way to present profound and complex leadership principles in a delightfully digestible way. I count myself among the wide assortment of leaders who have been and will continue to be the grateful beneficiaries of M. K.’s wise counsel.” — Mark DeVries, Associate Pastor for Youth and Their Families, First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee

“Multidisciplinary teams of health professionals in the field of neonatal intensive care have been inspired and empowered by your quality improvement teaching, keyzine lessons, and personal spirit to not only provide the best possible care to their patients and families but also to dedicate themselves to continuously improving that care as part of their daily work. Your book, The Daily Practices of Leading Others, includes the key teachings that have made that possible.” — Jeffrey D. Horbar, MD, Professor of Pediatrics University of Vermont, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, Vermont Oxford Network

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