Future Search Conferences

Joins your workforce in co-creating their future together.

Awakens staff to the realities facing your business.

Embraces your company's past accomplishments, present dilemmas and future possibilities.

Infuses staff with spirit, enthusiasm and hopefulness.

In this session, you will:

  • Weave staff together, building teamwork.
  • Draw the whole system (up to 100 people) in one room to dialogue with each other.
  • Encourage self-management & responsibility.
  • See people become optimistic and action-oriented
  • Produce dynamic short- and long-term plans with clear commitments.

Customer Comments:

I'm ecstatic! … People left the sessions pumped up and ready to make things happen. It's the best planning the organization has ever done. Thanks, M. K.

M. K. helped create an atmosphere where people could take the best of our past, wrestle with the challenges of the present, and create our future. Five of the 10 action groups met the next week to get to work.

Thanks for a chance to contribute to our future. I learned so much and am so excited about the ideas we have for our future. Now we can make them happen!

People were coming up and thanking me for the meeting. Employees never thank me for a meeting!

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