Creating Customer-Mindedness

Why are you in business? Because of a base of loyal customers. To keep them coming back requires attention to satisfaction, service, and sensitivity to customer needs. Raise the awareness of all staff to these business essentials.

In this session, participants will:

Having completed this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define their key customers and their needs.
  • Link their work to the company's purpose.
  • Distinguish satisfaction from loyalty and name the correlates of customer loyalty.
  • Apply the principles and tools of continuous improvement to their work, thus earning customer loyalty.
  • Understand ways of gaining customer knowledge.
  • Tune themselves up, as service providers, including the way they communicate.
  • Handle complaints and problems gracefully.
  • Support a culture of customer-mindedness.

Customer Comments

It was awesome! The stories, anecdotes, music, exercise, charts, book! First time I’ve been to a meeting where I was never bored, not even for a minute.

The exercises were very helpful! … valuable tips to put into practice immediately.

Loved the piece on difficult customers …

The thing that helped me the most was dealing with customer complaints. I guess I have always feared them … I appreciate the suggestions to include the patient/parent in the solution process.

It was nice to get your feedback on a lot of different situations and how to cope with them. Thank you a lot.

Really enjoyed the discussions and being involved. Great info! It was all so helpful – looking forward to using the info more.

It taught me that just by having contact with your patients and listening gives them individual customer service.

You gave us what we really needed. You do your job wonderfully!! Thanks so much!

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